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Promo Seventh Hell
Photoshoot promocional con Javier Bragado – 2019


  • Band name: Seventh Hell / 7th Hell
  • Origin: Valencia (España)
  • Musical Style: Hard Rock / Metal
  • Beginning: 2012
  • Members: Lory RoxX, Xavi Sparks, Vince Sánchez, Fran Stormaster, Cris
  • Influences: Alter Bridge, Halestorm, FFDP, Black Stone Cherry
  • Discography:
    • «We Are Burning!» (EP – 2016)
    • «Desde El Infierno» (LP – 2019)


Seventh hell is a band from Valencia (Spain). It is made up of 5 components: Fran Stormaster (drums), Cris (bass), Vince Sánchez (solo guitar), Xavi Sparks (rhythm guitar) and Lory RoxX (vocals).

The band puts a lot of effort in its main mission: to make the audience have an unforgettable time that they can’t get out of their minds.

His influences are many and have evolved since its beginnings, to the point of liking a wide range of people and to fit in both rock events and metal events.

Seventh Hell 2 de Junio 2018

The band has been shaping both their show and their music, giving the project as a whole the seriousness and professionality that deserves both this profession and the money of the audience.

In 2016 the first EP, «We Are Burning!» was released, produced and mixed by Raúl Abellán, mastered by Vicente Sabater and recorded at Millenia Studios.

This self-released EP (he didn’t contact any record label) was very well received and was re-released up to three times.

In 2018 the single «Black Crows» is released and finally, in 2019 Seventh Hell’s first long-duration work «Desde El Infierno» is released, in which it is decided to change from English to Spanish and a new staff is bet on both production and mixing and mastering:

  • Poducer: Juan Luis Giménez (Presuntos implicados, ten million records sold)
  • Sound engineer: Manuel Tomás ( Grammy winner )
  • Sound engineer: Raúl Abellán (The Mixtery)
  • Mastering Expert: Enrique Soriano (Crossfade Mastering)
Concierto Presentación «Desde El Infierno» – Marzo 2019


LP: «Desde El Infierno» – 2019

Single: «Black Crows» – 2018

EP: «We Are Burning!» – 2016



«Each song sounded great, with the band distilling great attitude and instrumental level and a «worked» staging that puts this band on the map at the professional level.

They seemed to me to be more than a good band, with class, good instrumental level, an excellent vocalist, they sounded powerful and showed to have very clear ideas. «

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«I knew them from good references of my program partner in Generación Suicida and the truth is that I was right since they left me speechless.

Powerful and forceful hard rock sounds, and a female voice in front that was the centre of scene of all eyes thanks of her presence and her fantastic voice.»

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» Desde el Infierno (2019), the album that has to put them in a position of clear privilege in the Metal scene of our country because what was pointed out in that E.P. of 2016 here is surpassed by far in all senses.»

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«[…]an emotional ‘Sin Miedo a Morir’ (once again, in its final stretch, the band shines) and ‘Renacer’, of which they also give us a wonderful acoustic version.»

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» This band doesn’t look Spanish. […] it stands out for the freshness of its sound, Lory’s own vocal lines and songs with a hook.
Hard rock of modern cut, with good guitars»

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» In front of us, a small big band with an incredible projection, but, time to time. the crowd wanted more and more, two bis had to do, one of them after the final photo with the audience present. «

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» […] I only need a few minutes to see how good they are. The singer has a powerful and melodic voice and the group moves freely on stage.

[…] the band is really good.

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» I have to admit that, even without having listened to them before, they drove me absolutely crazy. Simply brutal.

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