Seventh Hell 2017-2018
Seventh Hell


Seventh Hell is a female-fronted Hard Rock band from Valencia (Spain).
Strongly influenced by american Hard Rock, their modern and forceful sound
it’s charged with positive messages and good vibes.

Despite of being a young band, Seventh Hell have shared stage with
bands like
CRUCIFIED BARBARA (Swedish female band), Xplore Yesterday
(from France, who make Avenged Sevenfold covers),
DEF CON DOS (Ventall
Rock Festival 2015), TALCO (Rockejat Festival 2015) or
TIERRA SANTA (november 2016).

Their participation, for the first time, at “EMERGENZA 2016” band contest, got
them a third place at Valencian stage, playing only their original songs.
In the middle of 2016 their frst EP, “WE ARE BURNING!”, is released.
Produced by Raúl Abellán (who has worked with Billy Gibbons, from
ZZ TOP, and [IN MUTE], W:O:A Metal Battle winners) and recorded at Millenia studios (Valencia).


We Are Burning! - Seventh Hell

EP – “We are burning!” self-edited 2016

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Future Plans

While Seventh Hell is touring around Spain, the band is composing and recording new songs for their first LP, which will be out in the middle of 2018, moreover planing the 2018-2019 tour around Europe.

vive el rock

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